1. 26 Sep, 2017 7 commits
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      Only add artowrk in the f-droid.org CI task. · 9e48e94b
      Peter Serwylo authored
      It is not required for other builds, and as such just ends up
      taking up space and download time.
      Given there is now important stuff in the website which is not
      covered by CI automatically any more, I've added a "Production"
      pipeline item to make it easier to discover the manually-runnable
      "f-droid.org" pipeline job. The goal is to encourage release
      taggers to run this task on master before tagging.
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      Download .zip instead of using submodule as per CR. · 50288b92
      Peter Serwylo authored
      Doesn't require updating commit hashes in submodules, nor does it
      pollute our site with the other contents of the artwork repository.
      Added by CI, but can also be added manually by running
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      Add "artwork" repo as submodule and expose `/badge/*`. · eca9b3ce
      Peter Serwylo authored
      The `/artwork` directory is now embedded in the site webroot.
      This is a neccesity, because it needs to be in the top level directory
      for Jekyll in order to get copied to the generated site.
      However, we need `/badge` to be present, and contain the files inside
      `/artwork/badge`. As such, we symlink from `/artwork/badge` -> `/badge`.
      Ideally we'd do away with the `/artwork` directory completely and just
      have the badges directory, but I'm not confident that it is possible
      with git (i.e. cloning only a part of a submodule).
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