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    • Hans-Christoph Steiner's avatar
      gitlab-ci: automatically verify https://f-droid.org/FDroid.apk · 8009623e
      Hans-Christoph Steiner authored
      Download and verify that the FDroid.apk is signed by the right
      PGP key.  The only time that F-Droid's signed metadata does not
      verify the APK is the initial download and install of F-Droid
      itself.  An attacker could replace the FDroid.apk and PGP
      signature on the website. The gpg key model is to trust only the
      key that is included in this script, so there is a test to check
      that it is starting with an empty keyring.
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    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Also deploy legacy /forums for f-droid.org builds. · fd4ec401
      Peter Serwylo authored
      Uses the same technique as used for the /badge directory,
      only this also updates that process to stream the .tar.gz file
      rather than downloading the .zip file to disk.
      Also, only copy to the built site when we are finished with Jekyll,
      so that Jekyll doesn't need to waste time processing files which don't
      need to be touched.
  17. 18 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Only add artowrk in the f-droid.org CI task. · b14d2c55
      Peter Serwylo authored
      It is not required for other builds, and as such just ends up
      taking up space and download time.
      Given there is now important stuff in the website which is not
      covered by CI automatically any more, I've added a "Production"
      pipeline item to make it easier to discover the manually-runnable
      "f-droid.org" pipeline job. The goal is to encourage release
      taggers to run this task on master before tagging.
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    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Don't install bundler/jekyll via gem. · e9c1651a
      Peter Serwylo authored
      bundler is available in Debian, so use that.
      jekyll is specified in our Gemfile, and installed when we run
      bundle install --path=vendor, so is also not required.
      Removing these seems to prevent the dependency problems we
      have and Fixes #100.
  20. 10 Jul, 2017 2 commits
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Download .zip instead of using submodule as per CR. · 037b63f0
      Peter Serwylo authored
      Doesn't require updating commit hashes in submodules, nor does it
      pollute our site with the other contents of the artwork repository.
      Added by CI, but can also be added manually by running
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Add "artwork" repo as submodule and expose `/badge/*`. · 1bcb739e
      Peter Serwylo authored
      The `/artwork` directory is now embedded in the site webroot.
      This is a neccesity, because it needs to be in the top level directory
      for Jekyll in order to get copied to the generated site.
      However, we need `/badge` to be present, and contain the files inside
      `/artwork/badge`. As such, we symlink from `/artwork/badge` -> `/badge`.
      Ideally we'd do away with the `/artwork` directory completely and just
      have the badges directory, but I'm not confident that it is possible
      with git (i.e. cloning only a part of a submodule).
  21. 21 Jun, 2017 2 commits
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Fix broken links · 82bcd58e
      Peter Serwylo authored
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Add linkchecker tool to `build` stage of CI to search for broken links. · f3f6c117
      Peter Serwylo authored
      It ignores the following URLs:
       * Which are external to the website. This could be enabled in the
         future, but will have a big performance hit.
       * Ending in /news/, because that aggregates individual news posts which
         will get checked anyway.
       * Posts from 2015 or earlier (feel free to fix these at some point, but
         can't be bothered right now).
       * .*/packages/.* to avoid adding another 2000 pages to the list.
       * Only ends up checking the English site, because the rest will have
         the same links generated anyway.
  22. 20 Jun, 2017 1 commit
    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Build translated .md files as part of CI. · 1da3f597
      Peter Serwylo authored
      The .po files are committed to the repo, but the .md files needn't be.
      Also needed to change grep behaviour when searching multi-line
      frontmatter. GNU grep on the gitlab debian machines behaves differently
      to the version on my machine.
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    • Peter Serwylo's avatar
      Only deploy GP repo to surge.sh · 0487463f
      Peter Serwylo authored
      When deploying feature branches to surge.sh, don't try to deploy the
      entire f-droid.org repo of apps. This results in about 80MiB for each
      language we translate the website into, and quickly goes above the
      100MiB limit on surge.sh.
      This still gets deployed to GitLab pages if you push to master, and it
      also builds the entire f-droid.org repo during the test stage to make
      sure there are no bugs with it.
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