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Fix relative image urls

Closes #64

See merge request !60
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......@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@ build:
- gem install jekyll bundler
- bundle install --path vendor
- 'echo "url: https://$STAGING_URL" > userconfig.yml'
- 'echo "baseurl: \"\"" >> userconfig.yml'
- 'echo baseurl: /$CI_PROJECT_NAME >> userconfig.yml'
- echo "Additional Jekyll config used for CI:" && cat userconfig.yml
- bundle exec jekyll build -d $OUT_DIR --config _config.yml,userconfig.yml --verbose --trace
- bundle exec jekyll build -d $OUT_DIR/$CI_PROJECT_NAME --config _config.yml,userconfig.yml --verbose --trace
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ preview:
# Should ideally use $STAGING_URL here, but seems custom variables aren't supported.
name: review/$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
on_stop: teardown_preview
......@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ and much more.
However, the F-Droid UX has never changed much from [the original three tab layout](
{: .gallery}
* ![Version 0.11](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/0.11.png)
* ![Version 0.102](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/0.102.png)
* ![Version 0.11]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/0.11.png)
* ![Version 0.102]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/0.102.png)
This will change with the coming release of F-Droid client v0.103.
......@@ -28,12 +28,12 @@ Some of the big ticket items include:
* Improved notifications for downloads and pending updates
{: .gallery}
* !["Latest" screen](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/latest.png)
* !["Categories" screen](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/categories.png)
* !["Nearby" screen](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/nearby.png)
* !["Updates" screen](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/updates.png)
* ![App details screen (with screenshots)](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/appdetails-a.png)
* ![App details screen (without screenshots)](/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/appdetails-b.png)
* !["Latest" screen]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/latest.png)
* !["Categories" screen]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/categories.png)
* !["Nearby" screen]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/nearby.png)
* !["Updates" screen]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/updates.png)
* ![App details screen (with screenshots)]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/appdetails-a.png)
* ![App details screen (without screenshots)]({{ site.url }}/assets/posts/2017-04-04-new-ux/appdetails-b.png)
In addition, we have been redesigning some of the smaller, but equally as important parts of the app,
such as better support for visually impaired users who make use of tools such as Talkback,
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