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title: "Liberapay, a fully free Donation Platform"
author: "Bubu"
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Recently F-Droid has gained support for [Liberapay](, a
fully free donation platform aimed at software projects. Liberapay itself is
fully free and [open source](
software focusing on recurrent donations to software projects. These recurrent
donations are important for the long-term sustainability of projects. Another
interesting feature for software projects is the possibility to create
[teams]( which the members of the project can
join and then split the donations in a way where everyone sets the share he or
she wants to take.
The donation part of F-Droid has always relied on closed platforms like PayPal
but not anymore!
#### Integration into F-Droid
F-Droid now has full support for projects offering donation via Liberapay:
* The Liberapay ID of a person or team can be entered into a dedicated
[metadata field](
10 apps in F-Droid already offer this as a donation option. Hopefully more
will join soon.
* The The android client now shows the Liberapay widget:
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<img width="400" src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/posts/2018-03-02-liberapay-support/liberapay-client-screenshot.png" />
* The website now includes [all donation options]({{ site.baseurl }}/2018/03/01/website-updates.html).
* F-Droid itself has a [Liberapay team](
After about two month we are already receiving ~30€/week, making us currently
the third most funded [team]( on
#### Next steps
Liberapay is still a young and very small platform (remember, we became the
third most funded team in two months ;-)) so it needs both more projects and
more patrons. So spread the word and [ask your favourite](
open source project if you can start giving them money through Liberapay.
Do you know any app or developer with a Liberapay account that is not yet shown
in F-Droid? Help us by adding it to the [apps metadata](
You can also fund the further development of Liberapay through Liberapay itself here:
<a href=""><img src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/liberapay_donate_button.svg" style="box-shadow: unset;" /></a>
<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 80 80"><g transform="matrix(.83012 0 0 .83012-135.4-247.7)"><path d="m259.55 385.57c0 5.145-4.169 9.318-9.318 9.318h-77.74c-5.144 0-9.318-4.174-9.318-9.318v-77.74c0-5.145 4.174-9.318 9.318-9.318h77.74c5.149 0 9.318 4.173 9.318 9.318v77.74" fill="#f6c915"/><g fill="#fff"><path d="m202.45 366.03c-3.104 0-5.541-.405-7.311-1.213-1.77-.809-3.039-1.912-3.803-3.313-.766-1.398-1.137-3-1.115-4.818.021-1.814.272-3.748.754-5.803l8.327-34.817 10.164-1.573-9.114 37.768c-.175.786-.273 1.508-.295 2.163-.023.655.098 1.235.36 1.737.262.504.71.908 1.344 1.213.633.307 1.519.504 2.656.591l-1.967 8.06"/><path d="m239.16 344.33c0 3.19-.525 6.108-1.574 8.753-1.049 2.646-2.503 4.929-4.36 6.852-1.858 1.925-4.087 3.421-6.688 4.491-2.601 1.07-5.432 1.607-8.49 1.607-1.487 0-2.973-.132-4.459-.395l-2.951 11.869h-9.704l10.884-45.37c1.748-.524 3.748-.994 5.999-1.41 2.252-.415 4.689-.622 7.312-.622 2.448 0 4.558.371 6.327 1.114 1.771.743 3.224 1.76 4.361 3.049 1.136 1.29 1.977 2.798 2.523 4.524.546 1.726.82 3.574.82 5.542m-23.802 13.442c.743.175 1.661.262 2.754.262 1.704 0 3.256-.316 4.655-.951 1.398-.633 2.59-1.518 3.574-2.655.982-1.136 1.747-2.501 2.294-4.098.546-1.595.819-3.354.819-5.278 0-1.879-.416-3.475-1.245-4.787-.831-1.311-2.273-1.967-4.327-1.967-1.4 0-2.711.131-3.935.394l-4.589 19.08"/></g></g></svg>
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