Reproducible Builds: include note about platforms bug

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......@@ -80,6 +80,21 @@ using recent versions of the Android SDK helps. One specific case is
starting with Gradle Android Plugin v2.2.2, timestamps in the APK
file's ZIP header are automatically zeroed out.
The Android SDK tools
[were changed]( in
2014 to
[stick two](!/)
[data elements](!/)
in _AndroidManifest.xml_ as part of the build process:
`platformBuildVersionName` and `platformBuildVersionCode`.
`platformBuildVersionName` includes the "revision" of the _platforms_
package built against (e.g. _android-23_), however different
"revisions" of the same _platforms_ package cannot be installed in
parallel. Plus the SDK tools do not support specifying the required
revision as part of the build process. This often results in an
otherwise reproducible build where the only difference is the
`platformBuildVersionName` attribute.
### Build Server IDs
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