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## Adding/updating translatable content
There are two different ways in which content on the website is translated.
### Website
If you are adding content to the home page, sidebars, navigation, or other static parts of the website (i.e. not Jekyll posts/pages)
then it is done using [localized site data](
Say you want to add a new paragraph to the home page.
Firstly, add a new entry to the `_data/strings.json` file:
"home": {
"my_new_paragraph": "Here is the paragraph to be added (and also translated)",
Then, reference this from the `` file:
{{ }}
If you need to reference many strings in a single `.md` file, then it may be more concise to first assign a variable:
{% assign strings = %}
{{ strings.my_new_paragraph }}
### Documentation + Website News
When a new `.md` file is added to the `_docs/` or `_posts/` directory, then you need to run:
./tools/ md2po
This will extract the strings from all Markdown files in these two directories and output them to either `po/_docs.po` or `po/_posts.po`.
These will then subsequently be translated by Weblate into additional files such as `po/`.
## Configuring Weblate
The translation setup is designed to work with three different Weblate Components:
......@@ -23,6 +69,19 @@ It does not document the more simple things such as Name/URL/etc.
The priority doesn't _need_ to be "Very high", but it is the most front-facing of all parts of the website.
In addition, it is also the smallest part and hopefully the easiest to translate.
### Documentation + Website News
These two components are managed in exactly the same way.
The only difference is that one generates translations from `_docs/*.md` and the other from `_posts/*.md`.
As such, this will only document the process for Documentation.
For Website News, do the same, but wherever you see `_docs` replace it with `_posts`.
* **File mask:** `po/_docs.*.po`
* **Base file for new translations:** `po/_docs.po`
* **File format:** Gettext PO file
It is suggested that the Documentation has a higher **Priority** than Website News.
## Pulling translations
This section documents pulling translations from Weblate and integrating them with the website.
......@@ -34,10 +93,8 @@ Here is an example for the "Website" component, where `` is the webla
git remote add weblate-website
### Website
Merge the latest translations, for example:
Then, regardless of the component, you will need to pull the translations from the relevant remote, e.g:
git fetch weblate-website
......@@ -52,6 +109,21 @@ In addition, it will also attempt to download a flag for any new translations fo
### Documentation + Website News
For these two components, all Weblate does is produce translated `.po` file.
Once you have merged the translations from Weblate, this `.po` file needs to be processed to generate localized versions of each `.md` file.
This is done by running:
./tools/ po2md
### Website
There is no special requirements once the Website translations are pulled from Weblate.
This is because Jekyll directly uses the JSON files that Weblate created.
#### Troubleshooting
**A new translation was added, but all the strings are blank when viewing the translation on the website.**
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