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title: "Sailing into a new decade of discussions"
author: "NicoAlt"
We are excited to announce the release of the new official F-Droid forum:
We have been working hard to [revise the website](
in order to make it easier to modernize, accept contributions, and internationalise.
The main part of this is switching the underlying technology from WordPress to [Jekyll](
However, this caused us to think about the forum as it was powered by a WordPress plugin.
Quickly [we decided to drop the old forum]( in favor of an indepentently hosted one
and chose some modern software called [Discourse](
The old forum had a lot of disadvantages:
Firstly, you cannot reply by mail.
Secondly, the F-Droid volunteers had to waste time deleting massive amounts of spam (the old forum had 25% spam).
Finally, the overall user experience was bad,
and not only because of increasing number of bugs found in the forum software.
With Discourse, we hope to breath life back into the F-Droid community.
While app submissions recently [moved to GitLab](,
and bug reports/feature requests still live in GitLab,
the new forum is the new centre for all discussions related to F-Droid.
All users of F-Droid,
whether discussing the client or the server tools,
can help each other there.
Because of temporary limitations of all F-Droid volunteers it was not possible to move the old forum data to the new one
which means that you have to re-register yourself.
Independent from this all old topics remain at the current URLs for now.
One interesting new feature is [local communities](
In these communities you can discuss in your mother tongue about all topics related to F-Droid and free software on Android.
At the moment there is already a [German group](
If you want to create your own local community,
please open a topic in the ["Other languages" category]( and
we will discuss everything else there.
Finally, there is one last insight into the current development of F-Droid:
we plan to use Discourse for [comments on the website](
which gets us closer to [comments on single applications](
Make sure you keep an eye on the new developments happening to F-Droid in 2017.
We for our part are curious if you like the new forum.
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