gitlab-ci check_fdroid_apk: store APK as artifact when check fails

parent 1a10e7b4
Pipeline #21495422 passed with stage
in 16 minutes and 52 seconds
......@@ -107,10 +107,17 @@ check_fdroid_apk:
- master@fdroid/fdroidserver
image: alpine:3.5
apk: FDroid.apk
asc: FDroid.apk.asc
apk: F-Droid.apk
asc: F-Droid.apk.asc
curl: "curl --silent --user-agent F-Droid --retry 20"
fingerprint: 37D2C98789D8311948394E3E41E7044E1DBA2E89
name: "$apk-failed-${CI_JOB_ID}"
- $apk
- $asc
expire_in: 180 days
when: on_failure
- apk add --no-cache gnupg curl
- "! (gpg --list-keys | grep pub)"
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