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Reproducible Builds: document NDK build-id

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......@@ -198,11 +198,21 @@ shrinking is used.
However, it might be possible that resource shrinker will increase the
APK size on different platforms, especially if there is not too many
resources to shrink, in which case then original APK will be used
resources to shrink, in which case the original APK will be used
instead of the shrinked one (nondeterministic behavior of Gradle
plugin). Avoid using resource shrinker unless it decreases the APK file
size significantly.
### NDK _build-id_
On different build machines different NDK paths and different paths to the
project (and thus to its _jni_ directory) are used. This leads to different
paths to the source files in debug symbols, causing linker to generate
different _build-id_, which is preserved after stripping.
One possible solution is adding `LOCAL_LDFLAGS += -Wl,--build-id=none` to
_Android.mk_ files which will disable _build-id_ generation completely.
### Build Server IDs
To describe the build environment used by F-Droid builds, APKs have two files inserted into them:
......@@ -242,7 +252,6 @@ process. But the APK build process can add them. For example:
#### TODO
- NDK inserts changing _build-id_, probably via `ld`
- jar sort order for APKs
- `aapt` versions produce different results (XML and res/ subfolder names)
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