enable new languages: Albanian, Hungarian, Islandic

parent 8581f32a
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ pagination:
# Languages are manually chosen by looking at languages that are fully
# translated across the whole project. Check with this script:
# ./tools/check-language-status.sh
languages: [ bo, en, de, es, fa, fr, he, it, ko, pl, pt_BR, ru, tr, uk, zh_Hans, zh_Hant ]
languages: [ bo, en, de, es, fa, fr, he, hu, is, it, ko, pl, pt_BR, ru, sq, tr, uk, zh_Hans, zh_Hant ]
# the languages built and deployed when run with gitlab-ci
gitlab_ci_languages: [ bo, en, fa, zh_Hans ]
# Specifying the default language as "_" forces polyglot to generate a
  • Verdulo
    @verdulo started a thread
    • Kial la internacia lingvo Esperanto ne estis aldonita? Dlaczego nie został dodany międzynarodowy język Esperanto?

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