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hideLocalWhenDisplayed: true
cpp: {}
analytics: false
indent_inner_html: true
js: {}
json: {}
scheme: "Ocean"
allowPendingPaneItems: false
disabledPackages: [
packagesWithKeymapsDisabled: []
telemetryConsent: "no"
themes: [
showIndentGuide: true
tabLength: 4
tabType: "soft"
userId: "be0999c4-8025-cbfd-8050-c8c20ce4a3e4"
"twig.php$": "text.html.twig"
hideBottom: false
hideFiles: false
hideTabs: false
toggleHovers: false
showIconsInEditorGutter: true
"git-diff-details": {}
cursorWidth: 9
glowColor: "#05c6ff"
innerColor: "#ffffff"
transitionDuration: 2000
linter: {}
"linter-eslint": {}
showEslintRules: true
executablePath: "/home/fbn/.config/composer/vendor/bin/phpcs"
panelHeight: 180
difftoolCommand: "kompare \"{current-file}\" \"{revision-file}\""
defaults: {}
outlineColor: "#24b4d7"
outlineWidth: 2
currentPanelHeight: "310px"
currentPanelMode: "bottom"
showWelcome: false
useEslint: true
"project-plus": {}
displayPath: false
diffWords: true
ignoreWhitespace: true
leftEditorColor: "red"
rightEditorColor: "green"
syncHorizontalScroll: true
showToolbarOnMarkdown: true
hideVcsIgnoredFiles: false
showOnStartup: false
showInvisibles: true
asi: true
\ No newline at end of file
# Your keymap
# Atom keymaps work similarly to style sheets. Just as style sheets use
# selectors to apply styles to elements, Atom keymaps use selectors to associate
# keystrokes with events in specific contexts. Unlike style sheets however,
# each selector can only be declared once.
# You can create a new keybinding in this file by typing "key" and then hitting
# tab.
# Here's an example taken from Atom's built-in keymap:
# 'atom-text-editor':
# 'enter': 'editor:newline'
# 'atom-workspace':
# 'ctrl-shift-p': 'core:move-up'
# 'ctrl-p': 'core:move-down'
# You can find more information about keymaps in these guides:
# *
# *
# If you're having trouble with your keybindings not working, try the
# Keybinding Resolver: `Cmd+.` on macOS and `Ctrl+.` on other platforms. See the
# Debugging Guide for more information:
# *
# This file uses CoffeeScript Object Notation (CSON).
# If you are unfamiliar with CSON, you can read more about it in the
# Atom Flight Manual:
'f1': 'github:toggle-git-tab'
root = true
indent_style = space
indent_size = 4
end_of_line = lf
charset = utf-8
trim_trailing_whitespace = true
insert_final_newline = true
trim_trailing_whitespace = false
indent_size = 2
module.exports = {
root: true,
parser: 'babel-eslint',
parserOptions: {
sourceType: 'module',
extends: 'airbnb',
env: {
browser: true,
jasmine: true,
globals: {
atom: false,
Color: false,
waitsForPromise: false,
rules: {
indent: ['error', 4],
# Contributing to Atom Material UI
Some of this content comes from Atom's Contributing guidelines. Please, don't be intimidated, this is just a *guideline*. All bug reports, feature requests, and questions are **always** welcome.
## Code contributions
If you want to get your hands dirty and contribute with some code, you should fork this repository, make your changes, and then send in a pull request.
git clone <your_forked_repo>
cd atom-material-ui/
apm link -d && npm install
atom -d .
I recommend installing the package [editorconfig]( so you don't have to change your global settings for indentation.
### Stylesheets
Use four spaces per indent and leave an empty line between a selector's properties and a nested selector. Also leave a empty line between selectors. The white space helps with readability:
.selector {
property: value;
.nested {
property: value;