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......@@ -7,19 +7,22 @@ Welcome to the documentation for the FaST platform.
- [What is the FaST platform?](basics/
- [Main components](basics/
## User information
- [Administration Portal](
- [Mobile and applications](user/app-quickstart-en.pdf)
## Reference information
- [Glossary](reference/
- [Mobile and web applications](reference/
- [Modules and services](reference/
- [Authentication and authorization](reference/
- [Continuous Integration and Deployment](reference/
- [Infrastructure](reference/
- [Orchestration](reference/
- [Mobile and web applications](reference/
- [Runbook](reference/
- [Concept of Operations](conops/
- [Journey Documentation](journey_doc/
- [Privacy Policy](policies/ & [Terms & Conditions](policies/
## User information
- [Administration Portal](
- [Mobile application](user/app-quickstart-en.pdf)
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# FaST Journey Documentation
> A concise and articulate Journey documentation report will be produced in the end of the Pilot, to support the potential successive scaling up to other MS. Journey documentation will be ongoing throughout the project and made available real-time, at all important stepping stones.
> Work in progress
The goal of the Journey Documentation is to **support Member States' Paying Agencies (MS PA) in their understanding of what is involved in joining FaST**, through a description of what they can expect to experience during on-boarding and throughout the project.
# Mobile and web app
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