Commit 734bc5d9 authored by Tomasz Maczukin's avatar Tomasz Maczukin

Update CHANGELOG for v1.8.0

parent b9f07872
v 1.8.0
- Fix {Bash,Cmd,Ps}Writer.IfCmd to escape its arguments !364
- Fix path to runners-ssh page !368
- Add initial Prometheus metrics server to runner manager !358
- Add a global for docs !371
- Ensure that all builds are executed on tagged runners !374
- Fix broken documentation links !382
- Bug Fix: use a regex to pull out the service and version in the splitServiceAndVersion method !376
- Add FAQ entry about handling the service logon failure on Windows !385
- Fix "unit tests" random failures !370
- Use correct constant for kubernetes ressource limits. !367
- Unplug stalled endpoints !390
- Add PullPolicy config option for kubernetes !335
- Handle received 'failed' build state while patching the trace !366
- Add support for using private docker registries !386
v 1.7.1
- Fix {Bash,Cmd,Ps}Writer.IfCmd to escape its arguments !364
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