Welcome to the Official BrickTrac Wiki!

What is BrickTrac?

BrickTrac is a full-featured inventory management software for your LEGO collection or your LEGO store. It runs on your computer and manages every aspect of organizing your inventory. It also has ancillary features useful to any LEGO collector. It's suitable for people managing their kids' sets to million-part online stores using multiple marketplaces to builders needing to keep track of what they have.

Installing BrickTrac

Download Link:

Version History

Getting Started

What can BrickTrac do for me?

Manage Inventory

Provide Insights to your Collection

Manage your Store

What does BrickTrac require?

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • .NET 4.8 or higher
  • SQL Server 16 or higher (BrickTrac will install)
  • An internet connection
  • LEGO

How much does BrickTrac cost?

BrickTrac has multiple tiers, but the core functionality will always be free:

  • Free tier: Base inventory management
  • Premium tier: Additional tools and analysis
  • Cloud tier: Host BrickTrac in the cloud (Not available yet)
  • Premium Sync: Add sync to premium to keep multiple marketplaces with a single inventory

How do I get support?

Visit the FARMSoft support Discord group at

Or create an issue ticket directly by emailing it to