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# How you can contribute to FluffyChat

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Thanks for using FluffyChat and thanks for your decision to contribute. ❤❤❤ There are multiple ways how you can help us.

## Code contributions
Pick one of the issues in the issue tracker, fork this project, fix the issue and create a merge request. Please be aware that this has to follow some rules:

- Your code changes should follow the clean code principles where it is possible
- You should test the changes on all platforms that are affected
- The CI pipeline must be green so you need to format the code correctly and follow the lint rules
- Please be aware that we always need to device if your changes fit in the project
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## Social Media:
We always need help with social media stuff. We don't have much time and the time we have we spend in developing. So we often lack to spread news about new features to the world.
Just contact us at [](

## Translations:
You can help with translations on [Weblate]( To translate the website to your language, you need to fork the repository and edit the needed files.
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## Bug reports:
Bug reporting and issue tracking is a huge task. We need help with:
1. Sort and label issues.
2. Find duplications.
3. Track issues over the whole life cycle.
4. Find bugs and add them to the issue list.

## Donations:
If you don't have any time but too much money you could either buy Apple products or support the development of FluffyChat. 😇 There are two ways of donations:
- [Buy me a coffee](
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- [Monthly donations](