Commit e83a6c94 authored by Mathieu's avatar Mathieu

BUSCO 3.0.2b python2.7 fix

parent 16a81193
......@@ -171,11 +171,11 @@ class BuscoConfig(PipeConfig):
# Convert the ~ into full home path
if checks:
for key in self.items():
for item in self.items(key[0]):
for key in self.sections():
for item in self.items(key):
if item[0].endswith('_path') or item[0] == 'path' or item[0] == 'in':
if item[1].startswith('~'):
self.set(key[0], item[0], os.path.expanduser(item[1]))
self.set(key, item[0], os.path.expanduser(item[1]))
# And check that in and lineage path and file actually exists
if checks:
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