Commit d6ae86cc authored by Florian Damian's avatar Florian Damian

Fixes #48 - Add luiza ursachi team page

parent c9a9ecb5
......@@ -109,4 +109,5 @@
("2018-02-15", "ukraine", "sasha-omelyanchuk.png", "Sasha Omelyanchuk", "Filter Developer", "Sociology student who tries to deal with the fact that everything around her is socially constructed."),
("2017-12-11", "earth", "aaron-scheib.jpg", "Aaron Scheib", " Communications Associate", "Hobby musician and write looking for new people to have fun and be creative with. Wants to help make the Internet the best place it can be."),
("2018-03-06", "united-kingdom", "rikki-robertson.jpg", "Rikki Robertson-Brown", "IT System Administrator", "A geeky gamer and DJ born in the 80s who uses technology powers to help others."),
("2018-04-09", "romania", "luiza-ursachi.png", "Luiza Ursachi", "Product Manager", "Passionate about everything related to online. Enjoys sci-fi literature and movies, animations & white wine. Curious by design."),
] %}
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