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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
{% set EMAIL = 3 %}
{% set openings = [
("QA Manager", "qa-manager", GREENHOUSE, 1063684),
("Javascript Developer - Microsoft Edge", "javascript-developer-microsoft-edge", GREENHOUSE, 931768),
("Front-end Developer (", "frontend-developer-flattr", GREENHOUSE, 1024466),
("Senior Recruiter", "senior-recruiter", GREENHOUSE, 1043326),
title=QA Manager
description=eyeo is looking for a QA Manager to define and implement standard QA processes.
<? include jobs/header ?>
eyeo is an open source web tech company that builds products like Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr. Our mission is to give users more control over their online experience while offering creators, publishers and advertisers more ways to earn money for the free content they provide. We’re passionate about user agency, personal privacy, sustainability and keeping the web an open, fair resource for everyone.
### Responsibilities
- Developing a QA strategy together with the Head of QA
- Defining and implementing standard processes to ensure quality of our software with our team of software testers
- Ensuring an appropriate QA tooling landscape
- Defining requirements and managing the implementation of test environments
- Defining requirements, research appropriate tooling for and managing implementation of automated checks
### What we expect
- At least 5 years’ experience in managing software QA topics
- Strong people skills, especially in working with remote colleagues
- You’re very outgoing, and your positive attitude will help to make the QA department stand out within the company
- You have a strong ability to self-organize
- Experience with setting up standard processes for software QA, preferably in a continuously changing environment
- Experience with setting up and maintaining a tooling landscape for software QA
- Experience with setting up automated checks
- Good knowledge of source code management tools like Git or Mercurial
- Good knowledge of basic web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS)
- You're fluent in verbal and written English
### Nice to have
- A basic knowledge of additional scripting languages would be a plus
<? include jobs/footer ?>
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