Commit bb91e14a authored by Julian Doucette's avatar Julian Doucette

Fixes #32 - Removed Laura Faint from team page

parent 97f71961
......@@ -93,7 +93,6 @@
("2017-08-01", "united-kingdom", "andy.png", "Andy Shephard", "Developer", "Software developer, rock climber, craft beer brewer, DJ, photographer, traveller and all round nice guy"),
("2017-08-01", "united-states", "dan.png", "Daniel Zhang", "Developer", "Eats natto. Practices yoga. Loves functional and reactive programming."),
("2017-08-22", "sweden", "jon.png", "Jon Englund", "Developer", "Developer based in Lund. Enjoys playing with new technology, movies, reading, eating delicious food & traveling to exiting places."),
("2017-09-04", "scotland", "laura2.png", "Laura Faint", "Community Manager", "Always-curious, obsessed with learning new things, and happiest when bringing people together and facilitating meaningful connections."),
("2017-10-02", "germany", "daniel.jpg", "Daniel Bendel", "Data Analyst", "Coming from the field of Economics, diving into the field of Data Science!"),
("2017-10-20", "germany", "berit-graf.png", "Berit Graf", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Coordinator", "Has a great passion for music, but also enjoys video games, travelling or simply learning something new."),
("2017-11-01", "nigeria", "chichi.jpg", "Chimuanya (Chichi) Anwuna", "Technical Support Analyst", "Technology enthusiast who believes in making the world a better place by solving one problem at a time"),
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