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Fixes #24 - Removed website product manager role from jobs page

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......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
("Front-end Developer (", "frontend-developer-flattr", GREENHOUSE, 1024466),
("Senior Recruiter", "senior-recruiter", GREENHOUSE, 1043326),
("Marketing Manager", "marketing-manager", GREENHOUSE, 982645),
("Product Manager - Websites", "product-manager-websites", GREENHOUSE, 986609),
("Technical Support Analyst", "technical-support-analyst", GREENHOUSE, 907477),
("Filter List Supporter", "filter-list-supporter", GREENHOUSE, 907464),
("Whitelist Maintainer", "whitelist-maintainer", GREENHOUSE, 858624),
title=Product Manager - Websites
description=eyeo is looking for a remote Product Manager to build our presence on the web.
<? include jobs/header ?>
eyeo is an open source web tech company that builds products like Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr. Our mission is to give users more control over their online experience while offering creators, publishers and advertisers more ways to earn money for the free content they provide. We’re passionate about user agency, personal privacy, sustainability and keeping the web an open, fair resource for everyone.
Besides the products we build, our presence on the web is crucial to reaching potential new users or stakeholders across the entire ecosystem. Our websites are often the first places people go to learn about our products, the company and our mission. More importantly, they’re the engines that convert casual prospectors to active users, new partners or valued employees.
That’s where you come in!
### Job description
We’re looking for a Product Manager for our websites. You will be responsible for building, leading and facilitating project teams to make continuous improvements to our sites. Your primary goal will be to drive conversion — whether that’s getting users to download our products, partners to sign up for our services, or quality candidates to apply for jobs — while minding ongoing maintenance and optimizing the user experience. You’ll work with a team of talented designers, content developers, translation managers and developers to achieve your goals.
### Responsibilities
- Experience working as a Product Manager
- Experience managing large, complex websites
- Experience optimizing for conversion
- Experience with SEO
- Experience collecting, managing and reporting data to key stakeholders
- Experience working with legal, content and translation specialists
- Effective at leading a team and motivating others
- Expert communicator (fluent in both written and verbal English)
<? include jobs/footer ?>
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