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("Front-end Developer (", "frontend-developer-flattr", GREENHOUSE, 1024466),
("Senior Recruiter", "senior-recruiter", GREENHOUSE, 1043326),
("Marketing Manager", "marketing-manager", GREENHOUSE, 982645),
("Technical Product Manager", "technical-product-manager", GREENHOUSE, 1059354),
("Technical Support Analyst | Mitarbeiter/-in technischer Kundenservice", "technical-support-analyst", GREENHOUSE, 907477),
("Filter List Supporter", "filter-list-supporter", GREENHOUSE, 907464),
("Whitelist Maintainer", "whitelist-maintainer", GREENHOUSE, 858624),
title=Technical Product Manager
description=eyeo is looking for a Technical Product Manager to ensure our ad blocking coverage and effectiveness.
<? include jobs/header ?>
eyeo is an open source web tech company that builds products like Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr. Our mission is to give users more control over their online experience while offering creators, publishers and advertisers more ways to earn money for the free content they provide. We’re passionate about user agency, personal privacy, sustainability and keeping the web an open, fair resource for everyone.
Our multi-cultural team wants to change the Internet for the better, and you can become an important part of it. We offer a competitive salary and flexible working hours. We trust our employees and believe in their ideas.
eyeo is headquartered in Cologne, Germany with satellite offices in Berlin and Malmö.
### Job description
You will be part of a completely new team dedicated to ensuring our ad blocking coverage and effectiveness, and being a step ahead in the race to make the internet a better place for all of our 100 million devices and counting.
We need someone with strong communication skills and a technical background who is up for the challenge of leading a team that will be responsible for driving our flagship product, Adblock Plus, to the top.
### Responsibilities
- Create and maintain product vision, team goals and roadmap
- Create and maintain a roadmap, aligned with all related parties
- Create and prioritize backlog items and discuss them with the team and with Developers
- Drive interdisciplinary research by the team
- Elicit sound data on which to base prioritizations
- Provide input, collect requirements, generate specifications and review milestones
- Maintain the team’s tickets and documentation in the project management tool from a product viewpoint
- Align roadmap and tasks across teams and departments
- Create company-wide transparency with meeting minutes, backlog, sprint scope and completed tasks
### What we expect
- Strong agile knowledge (certified Scrum Product Owner preferred)
- Technical background in Software Development, QA, DevOps, Ops, Machine Learning, Databases, or similar
- Strong experience in working with cross-functional teams
- Experience in Requirement Engineering
- Experience with multi-lingual / multi-cultural and distributed teams
- Fluent in both written and spoken English. You must also be able to easily produce structurally written documentation.
### Nice to have
- Knowledge in ad tech and / or ad blocking (both from a business and a technical perspective)
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