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("Javascript Developer - Microsoft Edge", "javascript-developer-microsoft-edge", GREENHOUSE, 931768),
("Front-end Developer (", "frontend-developer-flattr", GREENHOUSE, 1024466),
("Senior Recruiter", "senior-recruiter", GREENHOUSE, 1043326),
("Marketing Manager", "marketing-manager", GREENHOUSE, 982645),
("Product Designer", "product-designer", GREENHOUSE, 1067067),
("Technical Product Manager", "technical-product-manager", GREENHOUSE, 1059354),
("Technical Support Analyst | Mitarbeiter/-in technischer Kundenservice", "technical-support-analyst", GREENHOUSE, 907477),
title=Marketing Manager
description=eyeo is looking for a Marketing Manager with quantitative marketing skills to move the needle on the adoption of our mobile products.
<? include jobs/header ?>
We create software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience. Our products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr, help sustain and grow a fair, open web, because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization. Our most popular product, Adblock Plus (ABP), is currently used on over 100 million devices.
Our multi-cultural team wants to change the Internet for the better, and you can become an important part of it. We offer a competitive salary and flexible working hours. We trust our employees and believe in their ideas.
eyeo is headquartered in Cologne, Germany with satellite offices in Berlin and Malmö. However, much of our team works remotely — and so can you.
### Job description
Reach and connect - the tagline for every good marketer.
We need someone with quantitative marketing skills to move the needle on the adoption of our mobile products and grow our large desktop user base. You should be able to get our brands (and keep them) appearing first in keyword searches, and manage our paid social media campaigns.
### Responsibilities
- Defining marketing goals / strategy for Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser, Flattr and other brands
- Setting up digital marketing campaigns including paid posts and SEM
- Monitoring and optimizing campaigns
- Working with internal and external content suppliers
- Creating reports and recommendations
- Conversion rate analysis and optimization
### What we expect
- 5+ years experience in marketing analytics / business intelligence
- 3+ years in a project lead role
- Good knowledge of social media advertising
- Experience with app store optimization
- Experience developing multi-tiered marketing strategies
### Nice to have
- Experience at a small company or startup
- Experience working with external agencies
- Experience with companies bounded by privacy concerns
- Experience in experimental marketing analytics
- Experience with SproutSocial
- Experience in conversion rate optimization
<? include jobs/footer ?>
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