Commit 85dce9bd authored by Julian Doucette's avatar Julian Doucette

Noissue - Updated julian's avatar and tagline on team page

parent 30f6a603
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
("2015-12-01", "bosnia-herzegovina", "cuturic.png", "Saša Čuturić", "Community Support Associate", "Longtime Adblock Plus fan, now part of the team. Enjoys movies, TV shows and technology."),
("2016-01-01", "united-kingdom", "scott.png", "Scott Cheer", "QA Manager", "Bug creator extraordinaire. Scott also loves video games and dogs, but who doesn't?"),
("2016-01-01", "france", "jessica.png", "Jessica Peterka-Bonetta", "Data Scientist", "Psychologist with a passion for anything related to data. Investigates Internet addiction in the scope of her PhD and loves to analyze social media data."),
("2016-01-18", "canada", "julian.png", "Julian Doucette", "Developer", "Developer, problem-solver, creative thinker, open source advocate"),
("2016-01-18", "canada", "julian-doucette.png", "Julian Doucette", "Developer", "Full-time Libre Software Contributor."),
("2016-02-01", "germany", "darius.png", "Darius Kühn", "IT System Administrator", "IT evolutionist with a fable for cooking, whiskey, reptiles and visible results in real-time"),
("2016-02-01", "germany", "kiedel.png", "Steffen Kiedel", "CFO", "Finance person passionate about growing companies"),
("2016-02-03", "earth", "aaron.png", "Aaron Thornburgh", "Head of Product", "Product manager, designer, strategist, and science fiction reader"),
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