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Noissue - Removed marketing student help role from jobs

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......@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@
("Technical Support Analyst | Mitarbeiter/-in technischer Kundenservice", "technical-support-analyst", GREENHOUSE, 907477),
("Filter List Supporter", "filter-list-supporter", GREENHOUSE, 907464),
("Whitelist Maintainer", "whitelist-maintainer", GREENHOUSE, 858624),
("Marketing Student Help", "marketing-student-help", GREENHOUSE, 891178),
("Student Help Acceptable Ads Monitoring", "student-help-acceptable-ads-monitoring", GREENHOUSE, 907475),
("Speculative Application", "speculative-application", GREENHOUSE, 907468),
("Public Relations (Student Intern)", "pr-working-student", GREENHOUSE, 1024656),
title=Marketing Student Help
description=eyeo needs a Marketing Student Help to assist the Flattr team with building the best online community for content creators
<? include jobs/header ?>
We create software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience.
Our products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr, help sustain and grow a fair, open web, because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization.
Our most popular product, Adblock Plus, is currently used on over 100 million devices.
In 2017, Flattr joined the eyeo family and we couldn't be happier! Flattr is a browser add-on that allows consumers to easily and automatically fund the content they love. To learn more, please visit
Our multi-cultural team wants to change the Internet for the better, and you can become an important part of it. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about building a Flattr community, engaging the right people, the right content creators and the right publishers, and bringing Flattr into the spotlight.
### Responsibilities
- You'll help us grow a great online community
- You'll work with online content creators, helping them use Flattr effectively
- You'll help with making sure processes run smoothly and that our systems are up-to-date and organized
- You'll assist in the planning and execution of campaigns
### What we expect
- You're enrolled at a German university, preferably studying subjects related to Business, Marketing, Communications or Media
- You're a native German speaker who is fluent in English. Fluency in other languages is a plus.
- You're a people person and enjoy helping others
- You're highly organized and thorough in work execution
- You're proactive, self-motivated and you get things done
- Ideally you have an interest in online content creators
<? include jobs/footer ?>
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