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......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
{% set openings = [
("QA Manager", "qa-manager", GREENHOUSE, 1063684),
("Javascript Developer - Microsoft Edge", "javascript-developer-microsoft-edge", GREENHOUSE, 931768),
("Front-end Developer (", "frontend-developer-flattr", GREENHOUSE, 1024466),
("Senior Recruiter", "senior-recruiter", GREENHOUSE, 1043326),
("Senior Business Development Manager", "business-manager", GREENHOUSE, 1067263),
("Product Designer", "product-designer", GREENHOUSE, 1067067),
title=Front-end Developer (
desccription=eyeo is looking for a Front-end Developer focused on improving
<? include jobs/header ?>
We are looking for a developer to focus on improving Flattr is an easy way for online content creators to connect with their audiences and get paid for their hard work.
We believe that the best way to do this is with direct contributions – to share the love and help creators to keep creating.
Most of our Flattr developers are based in Malmö, Sweden, but much of our team works remotely — and so can you. We’re happy to pay for a coworking space, or, if you prefer, we can help you relocate closer to our offices in Malmö.
### Job Details
* Along with 3 other developers, you will be responsible for the entire website, front to back (your focus will be more on the front-end side)
* You will implement new designs and features from the product team – it will be up to you on how to do this
* Your main activities will be improving the website and adding features to the dashboard, working on conversion rate optimization and improving public profiles, among other features
### What we expect
* 3+ years of developing engaging front-end projects
* In-depth experience working with modern JavaScript frameworks, front-end build processes (yarn, webpack or SASS) and responsive design
* Some experience with PHP code is preferred since our website was built using PHP and JS
### Nice to have
* Experience with Vue.js
* Experience with ChartJS
* Experience with Web Fonts
* Experience with PHP routing framework (Laravel/Lumen, Slim, Other)
<? include jobs/footer ?>
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