Commit 4b7ade61 authored by Julian Doucette's avatar Julian Doucette

Fixes #28 - Updated Magdalena's role and description

parent 12e78ddc
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
("2017-10-20", "germany", "berit-graf.png", "Berit Graf", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Specialist", "Has a great passion for music, but also enjoys video games, travelling or simply learning something new."),
("2017-11-01", "nigeria", "chichi.jpg", "Chimuanya (Chichi) Anwuna", "Technical Support Analyst", "Technology enthusiast who believes in making the world a better place by solving one problem at a time"),
("2017-11-02", "germany", "johanna.jpg", "Johanna Hagemeier", "Data Protection (Student Intern)", "Nature and outdoor geek who loves the highlands and steaks. Has a background in psychology and economics."),
("2017-11-22", "poland", "magdalena-domeracka.jpg", "Magdalena Domeracka", "Marketing Student Help", "Contemporary art enthusiast, likes an informative lecture/documentary and making things better"),
("2017-11-22", "poland", "magdalena-domeracka.jpg", "Magdalena Domeracka", "Marketing (Student Intern)", "Contemporary art enthusiast who likes an informative lecture / documentary and making things better"),
("2017-12-01", "portugal", "joana.jpg", "Joana Garcia", "Whitelist Maintainer", "Part-time dreamer, full-time curious. Enjoys exercising creativity through different channels."),
("2017-12-01", "malaysia", "jasmine.jpg", "Jasmine Chee", "Whitelist Maintainer", "Passionate about doing things efficiently. Gets excited over geeky stuff. Never one to say \"no\" to quality chocolates."),
("2017-12-01", "germany", "jutta.jpg", "Jutta Horstmann", "Head of Filters", "Former sysadmin, dev, entrepreneur, and consultant. Strong advocate of free software, privacy, feminism, and all things Star {Wars, Trek}.
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