Commit 19907837 authored by Julian Doucette's avatar Julian Doucette

Fixes #21 - Added Aaron Scheib to team page

parent 06ae58e0
......@@ -107,4 +107,5 @@
("2018-01-15", "earth", "lenak.jpg", "Lena Kryvonos", "Data Engineer", "Loves to delete code, drinks black coffee with black pepper on top"),
("2018-01-22", "bulgaria", "annat.png", "Anna-Maria Todorova", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Specialist", "One-third animal lover, one-third literature junky, one-third explorer, with a sprinkle of general enthusiasm about life. "),
("2018-02-15", "ukraine", "sasha-omelyanchuk.png", "Sasha Omelyanchuk", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Specialist", "Sociology student who tries to deal with the fact that everything around her is socially constructed."),
("2017-12-11", "earth", "aaron-scheib.jpg", "Aaron Scheib", "Marketing (Student Intern)", "Hobby musician and write looking for new people to have fun and be creative with. Wants to help make the Internet the best place it can be."),
] %}
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