Commit 19825c8b authored by Florian Damian's avatar Florian Damian

Noissue - Removed Joanna Sitarz from team page and jobs pages

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......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@
("2016-04-01", "germany", "laura.png", "Laura Dornheim", "Head of Communications", "Enjoys lobbying for a better Internet. Never shy of words and never seen in anything else but black."),
("2016-05-02", "brazil", "diego.png", "Diego Lima", "Developer", "Passionate about music and traveling, bad soccer player, open source and problem-solving enthusiast"),
("2016-05-10", "russia", "anton.png", "Anton Smirnov", "Developer", "Has a passion for interior design and architecture. Loves French, perfect software architecture, sports and electronics prototyping."),
("2016-05-16", "poland", "joanna.png", "Joanna Sitarz", "Technical Recruiter", "Tech Recruiter who likes books, traveling, IT Crowd and a good sense of humor"),
("2016-05-17", "united-states", "sonesen.png", "Jon Sonesen", "Developer", "Open source enthusiast who enjoys mountains, travel, riding bikes and learning new stuff"),
("2016-05-17", "romania", "robert.png", "Robert Raceanu", "Software Tester", "Wants to make a difference whilst enjoying the ride"),
("2016-06-01", "germany", "judith.png", "Judith Nink", "Data Protection Officer", "Attorney who is passionate about data privacy and specializes in technology and online law. Loves sports, especially handball."),
Joanna Sitarz<br>
Florian Damian<br>
Email: [](
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