Commit 06ae58e0 authored by Florian Damian's avatar Florian Damian

Fixes #22 - Add Sasha Omelyanchuk to team page

parent 6f5caec1
......@@ -106,4 +106,5 @@
("2018-01-15", "earth", "andreag.png", "Andrea Giammarchi", "Developer", "Web Standards and Open Source enthusiast Andrea has worked with both startups and big companies on innovative projects since '00"),
("2018-01-15", "earth", "lenak.jpg", "Lena Kryvonos", "Data Engineer", "Loves to delete code, drinks black coffee with black pepper on top"),
("2018-01-22", "bulgaria", "annat.png", "Anna-Maria Todorova", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Specialist", "One-third animal lover, one-third literature junky, one-third explorer, with a sprinkle of general enthusiasm about life. "),
("2018-02-15", "ukraine", "sasha-omelyanchuk.png", "Sasha Omelyanchuk", "Acceptable Ads Monitoring Specialist", "Sociology student who tries to deal with the fact that everything around her is socially constructed."),
] %}
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