Commit cfe8887f authored by Alexander Timin's avatar Alexander Timin Committed by Commit Bot

[tracing] Move logic to defer task posting into the scheduler

The current implementation of DISALLOW_POSTTASK sometimes leads to
losing data from traces. Move it inside the scheduler and make it more

Also remove DISALLOW_POSTTASK from tracing queue size: there we can
compute the value under the lock and emit trace event outside of the
lock scope.

[email protected],[email protected]
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

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......@@ -1072,7 +1072,6 @@
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_PROCESS_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 11))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_LOCAL_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 12))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_GLOBAL_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 13))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_DISALLOW_POSTTASK (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 14))
// TODO(eseckler): Remove once we have native support for typed proto events in
// TRACE_EVENT macros.
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_TYPED_PROTO_ARGS (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 15))
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