Commit c7664bb7 authored by Oystein Eftevaag's avatar Oystein Eftevaag Committed by Commit Bot

Tracing: Flag event emitted when no PostTask is possible

Perfetto can end up PostTasking in certain situations (like when
creating a TraceWriter, or wanting to commit a chunk of data);
while the taskqueue is locked this isn't possible so we need to
flag these events to enable Perfetto to avoid PostTasking
under these circumstances.

[email protected]

Bug: 898597
Change-Id: I3e1e35ec9858203dbdc8ac8560cdedda45aafb6a
Commit-Queue: oysteine <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGabriel Charette <[email protected]>
Cr-Original-Commit-Position: refs/heads/[email protected]{#642668}
Cr-Mirrored-Commit: c86bc635d8fd418b71a506f9e0444e36fc6c1eaa
parent 936ba8a9
......@@ -1080,6 +1080,7 @@
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_PROCESS_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 11))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_LOCAL_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 12))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_HAS_GLOBAL_ID (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 13))
#define TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_DISALLOW_POSTTASK (static_cast<unsigned int>(1 << 14))
(static_cast<unsigned int>(TRACE_EVENT_FLAG_SCOPE_OFFSET | \
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