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Tracing: Killed the unused TRACE_LINK_IDS functionality

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......@@ -985,17 +985,6 @@
TRACE_EVENT_PHASE_LEAVE_CONTEXT, category_group, name, context, \
// Macro to specify that two trace IDs are identical. For example,
// "category", "name",
// TRACE_ID_WITH_SCOPE("net::URLRequest", 0x1000),
// TRACE_ID_WITH_SCOPE("blink::ResourceFetcher::FetchRequest", 0x2000))
// tells the trace consumer that events with ID ("net::URLRequest", 0x1000) from
// the current process have the same ID as events with ID
// ("blink::ResourceFetcher::FetchRequest", 0x2000).
#define TRACE_LINK_IDS(category_group, name, id, linked_id) \
INTERNAL_TRACE_EVENT_ADD_LINK_IDS(category_group, name, id, linked_id);
// Macro to efficiently determine if a given category group is enabled.
#define TRACE_EVENT_CATEGORY_GROUP_ENABLED(category_group, ret) \
do { \
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