Commit 889afc2c authored by Sami Kyostila's avatar Sami Kyostila Committed by Commit Bot

Remove trace event category warming

Since all categories are now statically defined, there's no need to warm
any of them up explicitly in order for the categories to show up in the
tracing UI.

Depends on

[email protected]

Bug: 914579
Change-Id: Idbabec3fa9e3f35716663d08260691d7bf4ecfa7
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parent 211b3ed9
......@@ -1005,14 +1005,6 @@
} \
} while (0)
// Macro to explicitly warm up a given category group. This could be useful in
// cases where we want to initialize a category group before any trace events
// for that category group is reported. For example, to have a category group
// always show up in the "record categories" list for manually selecting
// settings in about://tracing.
#define TRACE_EVENT_WARMUP_CATEGORY(category_group) \
// Macro to efficiently determine, through polling, if a new trace has begun.
do { \
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