Commit a886068b authored by Arthur Eubanks's avatar Arthur Eubanks Committed by Commit Bot

Create new branch at origin/master, don't specify -r in git cl try

If I currently have a branch with commits checked out, will create a branch from that.

The "-r" flag doesn't work for me, omitting it does work. Given that the
new branch is directly branched off of origin/master, `git cl try`
should work without the "-r" flag.

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parent a733581c
......@@ -92,14 +92,10 @@ def main():
clang_svn_revision = 'n' + GetCommitCount(clang_git_revision)
clang_sub_revision = args.clang_sub_revision
# Needs shell=True on Windows due to git.bat in depot_tools.
git_revision = subprocess.check_output(
["git", "rev-parse", "origin/master"], shell=is_win).strip()
print("Making a patch for Clang {}-{}-{}".format(
clang_svn_revision, clang_git_revision[:8], clang_sub_revision))
print("Chrome revision: {}".format(git_revision))
clang_old_git_revision, clang_old_svn_revision, clang_old_sub_revision = \
PatchRevision(clang_git_revision, clang_svn_revision, clang_sub_revision)
......@@ -107,7 +103,7 @@ def main():
rev_string = "{}-{}-{}".format(clang_svn_revision,
Git(["checkout", "-b", "clang-{}".format(rev_string)])
Git(["checkout", "origin/master", "-b", "clang-{}".format(rev_string)])
Git(["add", UPDATE_PY_PATH])
old_rev_string = "{}-{}-{}".format(clang_old_svn_revision,
......@@ -119,11 +115,10 @@ def main():
old_rev_string, rev_string, commit_message)])
Git(["cl", "upload", "-f", "--bypass-hooks"])
Git(["cl", "try", "-B", "chromium/try",
"-b", "linux_upload_clang",
"-b", "mac_upload_clang",
"-b", "win_upload_clang",
"-r", git_revision])
"cl", "try", "-B", "chromium/try", "-b", "linux_upload_clang", "-b",
"mac_upload_clang", "-b", "win_upload_clang"
print ("Please, wait until the try bots succeeded "
"and then push the binaries to goma.")
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