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    IWYU for bind/callback_helpers.h and ptr_util.h · 95a35c01
    Gabriel Charette authored
    These missing includes are preventing removal of unused headers from
    task_runner_util.h and consequently migration from task_runner_util.h to
    task_runner.h's new PostTaskAndReplyWithResult member method.
    The following script was run on every file in the codebase, prioritizing
    .h over matching .cc to best enforce the rule of not include a header
    included by your .h :
    def Fix(file_path):
      content = refactor_lib.ReadFile(file_path)
      # Assume fwd-decls are correct in first pass.
      fwd_decls_match = re.compile(r'\n *[^/\n][^/\n][^/\n]*class (NullCallback|DoNothing|ScopedClosureRunner);', re.DOTALL).findall(content)
      if fwd_decls_match:
        print 'fwd_decls_match in %s' % (file_path)
        return False
      bind_helpers_match = re.compile(
          # Doesn't begin with a comment.
          r'\n *[^/\n][^/\n]'
          # Anything else after a non-comment start (and don't allow this to capture a comment start either)
          # Anything before but an open angle-bracket to avoid cases like unique_ptr<Foo> where you don't need the full definition of Foo.
          # Only match with base:: prefix; more precise, can manually fix missing includes in //base proper in a follow-up pass if needed.
          r'base::(NullCallback|DoNothing|DeletePointer)\b[^*]', re.DOTALL).findall(content)
      callback_helpers_match = re.compile(r'\n *[^/\n][^/\n][^/\n]*[^<]base::(IsBaseCallback|EnableIfIsBaseCallback|AdaptCallbackForRepeating|ScopedClosureRunner)\b[^*]', re.DOTALL).findall(content)
      ptr_util_match = re.compile(r'\n *[^/\n][^/\n][^/\n]*[^<]base::WrapUnique\b[^*]', re.DOTALL).findall(content)
      if not bind_helpers_match and not callback_helpers_match and not ptr_util_match:
        return False
      updated_content = content
      if bind_helpers_match:
        updated_content = refactor_lib.AddInclude(file_path, updated_content, "base/bind_helpers.h")
      if callback_helpers_match:
        updated_content = refactor_lib.AddInclude(file_path, updated_content, "base/callback_helpers.h")
      if ptr_util_match:
        updated_content = refactor_lib.AddInclude(file_path, updated_content, "base/memory/ptr_util.h")
      if updated_content == content:
        return False
      # Write updated file
      refactor_lib.WriteFile(file_path, updated_content)
      return True
    [email protected]
    (mechanical change for //base API)
    Bug: 1026641
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