Commit 9aea26a0 authored by Sebastian Noack's avatar Sebastian Noack

Noissue - Adding release tag for Adblock Plus 0.9.17-edge

parent 580c0e63
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......@@ -162,3 +162,4 @@ a830773f5663e006bbc4b07723793752fcecdd0b 3.5.2-chrome-gecko
282fe04eebea28badde09a520e09db11428b83e5 3.6-chrome-gecko
cea9fcb9a5460dc14d1b81cf1215e6b5c56035ef 0.9.16-edge
f20719cf745fdaacf3bd1236d5f7df569220b5fa 3.6.1-chrome-gecko
e7636970515d759ffe28251ae8e57bdab282e978 0.9.17-edge
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