Commit 95d9fc70 authored by Hubert Figuière's avatar Hubert Figuière

Fixed #51 - Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:0069723c6d14 git:323513d

parent 3971a33b
Pipeline #75418378 failed with stages
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_root = hg: git:
_self = buildtools/
buildtools = buildtools hg:0ebf8cd23b36 git:04d50e0
adblockpluscore = adblockpluscore hg:02cf374e28f3 git:5d94f29
adblockpluscore = adblockpluscore hg:0069723c6d14 git:323513d
adblockplusui = adblockplusui hg:167a3e7b5189 git:e4eb28e
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