Commit 004f6c9e authored by Georgiana Piscoi's avatar Georgiana Piscoi

Fixed #36 - Don't pass frameId to tabs.executeScript on Edge

parent a9d29d87
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......@@ -155,12 +155,19 @@ function executeScript(script, tabId, frameId)
return browser.tabs.executeScript(tabId, {
let details = {
code: getExecutableCode(script),
matchAboutBlank: true,
runAt: "document_start",
}).catch(error =>
runAt: "document_start"
// Microsoft Edge throws when passing frameId to tabs.executeScript
// and always executes code in the context of the top-level frame,
// so for sub-frames we let it fail.
if (frameId != 0)
details.frameId = frameId;
return browser.tabs.executeScript(tabId, details).catch(error =>
// Sometimes a frame is added and removed very quickly, in such cases we
// simply ignore the error.
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