Commit c819d906 authored by Thomas Greiner's avatar Thomas Greiner

Issue 6968 - Removed unused translatable icon popup strings

parent ba125b10
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......@@ -3,27 +3,14 @@
"description": "",
"message": "Block ads on:"
"clickhide_instructions": {
"description": "Instructions shown in popup UI before it disapears, when \"Block element\" action is executed",
"message": "After closing this popup, click (or right-click) an element on the page."
"click_element_to_block_it": {
"description": "",
"message": "Click an element on the page to block it."
"description": "Popup balloon label to disable blocking",
"message": "<strong>Disabled</strong> on this site"
"easy_create_filter": {
"description": "Action in popup UI to add a filter which blocks an element selected from the current page",
"message": "Block element"
"enabled_for_site": {
"description": "Popup balloon label to enable blocking",
"message": "<strong>Enabled</strong> on this site"
"options_refresh": {
"description": "refresh text in the main toggle",
"message": "Refresh"
......@@ -70,14 +57,6 @@
"stats_show_iconnumber": {
"description": "Toggle for displaying the number of blocked ads in the icon.",
"message": "Show number in icon"
"stats_title": {
"description": "Title for the stats section in the popup.",
"message": "Ads blocked"
"sendReport": {
"description": "",
"message": "Report issue"
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