Commit c43ed4f0 authored by Thomas Greiner's avatar Thomas Greiner

Issue 6740 - Added option to show/hide number in icon to options page

parent 2ca379b6
......@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@
notifications_showui: params.showNotificationUI,
shouldShowBlockElementMenu: true,
show_devtools_panel: true,
show_statsinicon: true,
ui_warn_tracking: true,
additional_subscriptions: params.additionalSubscriptions.split(","),
subscriptions_exceptionsurl: acceptableAds,
......@@ -214,6 +214,10 @@
<section class="cols">
<h2 class="i18n_options_customize_header"></h2>
<ul id="customize" class="list">
<li data-pref="show_statsinicon">
<button class="icon" role="checkbox" data-action="toggle-pref"></button>
<span class="i18n_options_customize_iconStats" data-display="title"></span>
<li data-pref="shouldShowBlockElementMenu">
<button class="icon" role="checkbox" data-action="toggle-pref"></button>
<span class="i18n_options_customize_blockElement" data-display="title"></span>
......@@ -1483,9 +1483,14 @@ port.postMessage({
type: "prefs.listen",
filter: ["notifications_ignoredcategories", "notifications_showui",
"show_devtools_panel", "shouldShowBlockElementMenu",
filter: [
type: "subscriptions.listen",
......@@ -197,6 +197,10 @@
"description": "Tooltip text for Show 'Block element' option item of customize section in Advanced tab",
"message": "Temporarily block annoying items on a webpage, e.g. images or animated slideshows."
"options_customize_iconStats": {
"description": "Option label of customize section in Advanced tab",
"message": "Show number of ads blocked in icon"
"options_customize_showDevToolsPanel": {
"description": "Option label of customize section in Advanced tab",
"message": "Show 'Adblock Plus' panel in developer tools"
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