Commit c32109e1 authored by Manvel Saroyan's avatar Manvel Saroyan

Issue 5983 - update Acceptable Ads Section wording

parent cf5ce617
......@@ -102,7 +102,6 @@
<button id="acceptable-ads-allow" data-action="switch-acceptable-ads" type="button" role="checkbox" name="acceptable-ads" value="ads"></button>
<label for="acceptable-ads-allow" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_ads_label"></label>
<p id="enable-acceptable-ads-description" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_ads_description_1"></p>
<p class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_ads_description_2"></p>
......@@ -110,7 +109,7 @@
<label for="acceptable-ads-privacy-allow" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_privacy_label"></label>
<span class="i18n_options_new_label new"></span>
<a id="enable-acceptable-ads-privacy-description" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_privacy_description" target="_blank"></a>
<a id="enable-acceptable-ads-privacy-description" class="i18n_options_learn_more" target="_blank"></a>
<p id="dnt" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_dnt_notification"></p>
......@@ -75,17 +75,9 @@
"description": "Acceptable Ads section 'Allow some nonintrusive ads' option description in General tab",
"message": "Acceptable Ads are not annoying and do not interfere with the content you are viewing. <a>Read more about the Acceptable Ads criteria</a>"
"options_acceptableAds_ads_description_2": {
"description": "Acceptable Ads section 'Allow some nonintrusive ads' option description in General tab",
"message": "<strong>Note:</strong> The advertisers collect data about your browsing habits <strong>not</strong> Adblock Plus."
"options_acceptableAds_privacy_label": {
"description": "Acceptable Ads section option label in General tab",
"message": "Only allow Acceptable Ads that are privacy-friendly"
"options_acceptableAds_privacy_description": {
"description": "Acceptable Ads section 'Allow only nonintrusive ads that are privacy-friendly ' option description in General tab",
"message": "These ads do not collect personal user information and, therefore, may be less relevant."
"message": "Only allow ads without third-party tracking"
"options_acceptableAds_dnt_notification": {
"description": "Acceptable Ads section's notification (being shown if Do Not Track is not enabled) in General tab",
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