Commit b81ef304 authored by Manvel Saroyan's avatar Manvel Saroyan Committed by Winsley

Issue 6768 - Remove 'NEW' label from Acceptable Ads without 3rd party tracking

parent 0772923e
......@@ -117,7 +117,6 @@
<button id="acceptable-ads-privacy-allow" class="icon" data-action="switch-acceptable-ads" type="button" role="checkbox" name="acceptable-ads" value="privacy"></button>
<label for="acceptable-ads-privacy-allow" class="i18n_options_acceptableAds_privacy_label"></label>
<span class="i18n_options_new_label new"></span>
<a id="enable-acceptable-ads-privacy-description" class="i18n_options_learn_more" target="_blank"></a>
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