Commit 88a1fad1 authored by Thomas Greiner's avatar Thomas Greiner

Noissue - Fixed: Rebase led to wrong imports in message responder

parent 11c6fb2f
......@@ -26,14 +26,14 @@
const {Utils} = require("utils");
const {filterStorage} = require("filterStorage");
const {filterNotifier} = require("filterNotifier");
const {defaultMatcher, isSlowFilter, Matcher} = require("matcher");
const {isSlowFilter, Matcher} = require("matcher");
const {Notification: NotificationStorage} = require("notification");
const {getActiveNotification, shouldDisplay,
notificationClicked} = require("notificationHelper");
const {HitLogger} = require("hitLogger");
const {
Filter, ActiveFilter, InvalidFilter
Filter, ActiveFilter, InvalidFilter, RegExpFilter
} = require("filterClasses");
const {synchronizer} = require("synchronizer");
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