Commit 5927e9e7 authored by Thomas Greiner's avatar Thomas Greiner

Issue 7229 - Fixed: Whitelisted websites list not sorted alphabetically

parent 734a6bdf
Pipeline #44201784 passed with stages
in 8 minutes and 28 seconds
......@@ -119,9 +119,9 @@ Collection.prototype._sortItems = function()
// disabled, but only be removed. That way it's grouped together with
// the "Own filter list" which cannot be disabled either at the bottom
// of the filter lists in the Advanced tab.
if (isAcceptableAds(a.url))
if (a.url && isAcceptableAds(a.url))
return 1;
if (isAcceptableAds(b.url))
if (b.url && isAcceptableAds(b.url))
return -1;
// Make sure that newly added entries always appear on top in descending
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