Commit f3b8edbf authored by Jon Sonesen's avatar Jon Sonesen Committed by Thomas Greiner

Issue 6532 - Removes required subscription title input field

parent dcb681f8
......@@ -399,13 +399,7 @@
<div id="dialog-content-import" class="dialog-content">
<form data-validation="custom" novalidate>
<p class="floating-input">
<input placeholder=" " id="import-list-title" type="text" class="default-focus" required />
<label for="import-list-title" class="i18n_options_dialog_import_subscription_title"></label>
<span class="icon attention"></span>
<span class="i18n_options_dialog_import_subscription_title_error error-msg"></span>
<p class="floating-input">
<input placeholder=" " id="import-list-url" type="url" required/>
<input placeholder=" " id="import-list-url" class="default-focus" type="url" required/>
<label for="import-list-url" class="i18n_options_dialog_import_subscription_location"></label>
<span class="icon attention"></span>
<span class="i18n_options_dialog_import_subscription_location_error error-msg"></span>
......@@ -737,8 +737,7 @@ function execAction(action, element)
if (form.checkValidity())
......@@ -415,14 +415,6 @@
"description": "Close modal button",
"message": "close"
"options_dialog_import_subscription_title": {
"description": "Input label in 'Add a filter list' dialog",
"message": "Filter list name"
"options_dialog_import_subscription_title_error": {
"description": "Error message of 'Filter list name' input in 'Add a filter list' dialog",
"message": "Please fill out the field"
"options_dialog_import_subscription_location": {
"description": "Input label in 'Add a filter list' dialog",
"message": "Filter list URL"
......@@ -431,7 +423,7 @@
"description": "Error message of 'Filter list URL' input in 'Add a filter list' dialog",
"message": "Enter a valid URL"
"options_dialog_language_title": {
"options_dialog_language_title": {
"description": "Title of lanugage modal dialog",
"message": "Select a language"
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