Commit 276e4cd8 authored by Thomas Greiner's avatar Thomas Greiner

Issue 6759 - Updated custom filter list texts

parent 072f45cb
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@
<section class="cols">
<h2 class="i18n_options_customFilters_title"></h2>
<p class="i18n_options_customFilters_description"></p>
<p id="custom-filters-description" class="i18n_options_customFilters_description"></p>
<div id="custom-filters">
<h3 class="i18n_options_customFilters_widget_title"></h3>
......@@ -979,6 +979,7 @@ function onDOMLoaded()
getDocLink("filterdoc", (link) =>
setElementLinks("custom-filters-description", link);
E("link-filters").setAttribute("href", link);
......@@ -275,7 +275,7 @@
"options_customFilters_description": {
"description": "Custom filter lists section description in Advanced tab",
"message": "Write your own custom filters to further control what content Adblock Plus allows or blocks."
"message": "Create your own filters to further control what content Adblock Plus blocks. <a0>Learn how to create filters</a0>"
"options_customFilters_widget_title": {
"description": "Custom filter widget title in Advanced tab",
......@@ -287,11 +287,11 @@
"options_customFilters_start": {
"description": "Custom filter widget(empty) button text in Advanced tab",
"message": "Start writing my filter list"
"message": "Start creating my filter list"
"options_customFilters_learn": {
"description": "Custom filter widget(empty) link text in Advanced tab",
"message": "Learn how to write filter lists"
"message": "Learn how to create filters"
"options_customFilters_edit_placeholder": {
"description": "Custom filter widget(empty) placeholder text in Advanced tab",
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