Commit 032f5d92 authored by Winsley's avatar Winsley Committed by Andrea Giammarchi

Issue 6995 - Add chrome builds to ABP UI Nightlies

parent 9af8527e
......@@ -55,10 +55,12 @@ build:
- cat dependencies
- pip install cryptography==2.2.2 Jinja2==2.10 tox==3.0.0 PyYAML==3.12 urllib3==1.22
# Finally build abp
- python build -t gecko -b ${CI_COMMIT_SHA:0:8} adblockplus.xpi
- python build -t gecko -b ${CI_COMMIT_SHA:0:8} adblockplus-firefox.xpi
- python build -t chrome -b ${CI_COMMIT_SHA:0:8}
- adblockpluschrome/*.xpi
- adblockpluschrome/adblockplus-firefox.xpi
- adblockpluschrome/
......@@ -107,15 +109,18 @@ pages:
<h1>ABP UI Nightlies</h1>
To enable installation of an unsigned extension got to
To install the Firefox version (adblockplus-firefox.xpi) you first need to enable installation of an unsigned extension got to
<i>about:config</i> and disable <i>xpinstall.signatures.required</i>, see <a href=''>here</a>.
To install the Chrome version ( you need unpack the zip archive somewhere, then go to <i>chrome://extensions/</i> enable <i>Developer mode</i> and then load the unpacked extension from the folder you unpacked it to previously.
{%- for id, url, ref, commit, date in jobs %}
Job: <a href='{{ url }}'>{{ id }}</a>
Ref: <a href='{{ commit }}'>{{ ref }} ({{ commit }})</a>
Date: {{ date }}
Extension: <a href='{{ id }}/artifacts/adblockpluschrome/adblockplus.xpi'>adblockplus.xpi</a>
Extension: <a href='{{ id }}/artifacts/adblockpluschrome/adblockplus-firefox.xpi'>adblockplus-firefox.xpi</a> / <a href='{{ id }}/artifacts/adblockpluschrome/'> (Chrome)</a>
{%- endfor %}
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