Commit a920e505 authored by evandenberg's avatar evandenberg

updated VERSION file for 2.1.0 release

parent 6fb5811a
......@@ -16,16 +16,17 @@
Author: Eric van den Berg
Date: 2014-06-22
Last change: Dirk Dittmann
Last change: Eric van den Berg
Date: 2015.05.02
Release 2.1.0: use for Flightgear version 3.4 and up
* Autopilot: fail indication, flight director
* Autopilot: improved fail indication, flight director, fixes for broken functions, hotkeys
* IFD: flightplan improved, map fuel reserve indication, obs course indication
* ELT: improved and configureable msg
* Electric: more precise
* Electric system: more accurate model, External power indication (V+A)
* Interior: door animation
* Model: fixes, propeller
* Model: fixes, propeller, possibility to put aircraft on Jacks
* Engine: reworked oil pressure and TOT spool-down model
Release 2.0.0: use for Flightgear version 3.4 and up
* Route-manager/FMS: adjustments for bug fixes in Flightgear 3.4
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