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    Task #13577 - Correction to make use of composer in dev · 023e7465
    Guilherme Striquer Bisotto authored
    - Removed all content from vendor directory
    - included tine20/vendor/ in .gitignore
    - self-updated composer.phar
    - included library/zf1ext in autoload/psr-0/Zend in composer.json
    - removed library/zf1ext/Zend/Auth/Result.php that is the same in
    - included the library syncroton v1.1.0
    - included timezoneconvert library updated by metaways
    - removed tine20/composer.lock
    - added tine20/composer.lock to .gitignore
    Change-Id: I022d07d45de3e8249037e5128700b61eb0e9ea8a
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