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  • Glitchy Scripts / XLiveLessNess

    Games for Windows LiveLessNess. A complete Games For Windows - LIVE (GFWL) rewrite.

  • Glitchy Scripts / XLLN-Modules

    The purpose of an XLiveLessNess-Module is to enchance some aspect of one or many GFWL Games/Titles or XLiveLessNess itself.

  • Glitchy Scripts / XLLN-Online-Hub

    A hub server for XLiveLessNess used for rebroadcasting packets and host/session information to other XLLN clients.

  • Glitchy Scripts / XLLN-Wrappers

    These projects are wrappers for existing DLLs (with the possibility for tracing/logging) or may also exist to re-implement it in some cases. These wrappers also serve to invoke all present XLLN-Modules in the case that XLiveLessNess is not installed.